Friday, September 9, 2011

My Feel Good Tip of the Day!

I just had the most amazing experience!  One that I highly recommend trying, in one form or another.

I was at breakfast, when I overheard the patrons at the 2 tables directly in front of me talking about their birthdays; she was 93 and he was 14 - today.  I basked in the whole "circle of life" moment and immediately knew I wanted to do something I'd never done before: pay for their breakfasts.

I checked my bank account online on my iPhone - just to make sure - and in the time it took to do so, the little 93 year old lady had waddled out the door (that's G3 technology for you!)  But the 14 year old was still there with his mom and older brother, waiting for their food. 

Just then the mom's cell phone rang - it was the father.  I got the impression they were divorced by body language and facial expressions.  She handed the phone to the birthday boy.  Dad gave him the excellent news about some gift he was arranging for him. You could see the  disapproval all over the mom's face. I decided mom could definitely use a gift of her own and I scrambled to the register to pay their tab and mine.

The already-friendly cashier smiled a little wider when I asked to pay their bill and we quickly completed the transactions so I could scoot out the door, annonymously.  Mission Accomplished!

By the time I got to my car, tears were streaming down my face, and my heart felt open and wide and, honestly, about to explode! I had no idea doing something like that could bring such an overflow of joy to ME!

In my spiritual beliefs I do believe that the giver gets far more than the recipient and I do give.  This was just the first time I'd ever done this "stealth-pay" thing.  My only wish would be to see mom's expression when the waitress told her the bill had been paid!

This is a gift that will keep on giving to me.  Maybe that mom will remember this - and remind her son of it in the future and be able to tap into that feeling,  maybe not.  Maybe it will inspire them to do something kind for strangers in their lives too.

As for me, I get to feel my heart space break open wide every time I think of those moments...and as I plot new ways in which I can be a stealth-giver.  What a pick-me-up to start my weekend!

Peace, Blessings & Abundant Joy~


  1. I Love this & I love you!
    You are a beautiful person inside & out & I thank you for being you, as I am blessed by our friendship & re-acquaintance!
    Peace Love & Blessings! <3 ;{)=-

  2. I love this! I have done stealth giving before and it does feel AMAZING! You've inspired me to start up again :) Love you, Sandy

  3. Very awesome of you, Beth! I'm glad you got so much out of it, too.