Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Is there really any "bad"?

Last night I had a deep, soulful conversation with one of my soul-mates, Thalia, on the topic of good vs bad in the world.

I explained my belief that any perceived "bad" can also be seen as an opportunity for good to come forth. One example I used was that of Adam Walsh and his father, John Walsh, who moved by the abduction and murder of his child, started "America's Most Wanted".  Another could be the life of Betty Ford, whose funeral procession I had the timing to find myself behind this morning.  HOW many people have been and will be helped because of her personal battle with alcohol? Those numbers may never be known.

When good emerges from "bad" the question must then be asked: "Is there really any bad?"

Then, this morning, this showed up in my awareness:

"There us a story about a golden statue of a Buddha. An army was about to take over the town where monks had the Buddha so they disguised it, covering it with mud and mortar. The ruse worked, and many years later, when all the monks who knew the secret had passed on, a young monk brushed by the statue and some of the mortar fell off. He continued until all of the mud and mortar rubbed off. Lo and behold, there stood a golden statue!

The lesson for us us that no matter what life shows us, there is the possibility of gold hidden in the experience if we are willing to seek it out."

I believe that there is ALWAYS good to be found in everything. EVERYTHING. Not all will see it, but it is there.

From an expanded consciousness we all have the ability to see the gold. But not all are willing to wipe away the mud and the mortar to see it.

What do YOU see?

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