Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Sea of Change

Today as I meditated, I pictured waves lapping up on the shore. The shore was filled with all sorts of life: sea birds, sand crabs, shells - former homes of other sea life. Peaceful and serene.  

With each wave that went back out to sea, some birds took flight, some sand crabs were washed back out, or buried themselves in the protection of the sand, shells tumbled over one another with some being carried away by the wave.  Yes, many departed this beautiful scene, but many were also left.

As the wave washed back out, I searched for my favorite gift from the sea: heart shells and rocks.  These have come to signify moments of connection with the ALL that IS for me.  Washed and tumbled over time, hard edges softened, wonderful keepsakes of the day.

I couldn't help but compare this to my life today.  Life-long friendships seem to be pulled away - back out to the sea of humanity, only to wash up on someone else's shore.  Or, they lightly take flight to soar under another sky. Things I held so closely and as so important - shells of my life before - wash effortlessly away to be used by others. 

Then again, there are "hearts" that remain with me always, constant reminders of a beautiful experience.

In all of these observations there is a peace and tranquility, and and assurance.  Just as the waves will most certainly return to the shore, I can always count on my life to change, people to come and to go, things to be held in high regard, and to be given away freely.  Just as I cannot force the wave to linger on the shore, I cannot force life to stand still.  It constantly moves and shifts and flows freely.

There is great freedom here. I let it be.

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  1. The picture you included at the start is one of my love the lyrical honesty of your writing....
    helen :)